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Hot selling micro switch 16A 250V quick-connect terminal

Short Description:

Product Name:Micro Swich
Model NO.:MAA
Breaking Form:Single Type
Operating Temperature:0~125℃
Application:Electrical Equipment,Car Parts and So on
Specification:16A 250VAC 5E4; 22A 250VAC 5E4; 14A 24VDC 5E4
Electrical life:≥50000 Cycles
Mechanical Life:≥500000 Cycles
Trademark:IBAO, CNIBAO
Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP40

Product Detail

Product Tags


• Switch Safety Approvals
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Offer Variety Levers
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal
• Various Dimensions Satisfy Different Installation Requirements


• Car
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Apparatus and Instruments
• Power Tool
• Automatic Equipments

Outline Drawing:

Hot selling micro switch 16A 250V quick-connect terminal (1)


Rating 16(8)A 125/250VAC; 22(8)A 125/250VAC
Contact Resistance 100mQ MAX
Operating Temperature 25T125
Operating Force 100±30gf 200±50gf 400gf Max
Travel 0P=18.5±0.8mm FP“0.7±0.8mm
service life Electrical ≥50,000 Cycle
Mechanical ≥500,000 Cycles
MAA (1)
MAA (2)
MAA (3)

Yibao MAA Series Micro Switch is size for micro switch type of 27.8W*10.3D*15.9H, it belongs general type mid micro switch, the switch is fixed and installed through the positioning holes on both sides of the diagonal.
Switch design adopts shrapnel structure,general load parameter can reach 16A, 250VAC, it also can reach the highest load of 22A 250VAC.
The upper part of this switch is equipped with 2 levers slots, and there are more than 20 kinds of matching levers of different sizes and shapes. If the customer has special needs for the levers, our company also accepts customization to ensure that it can meet the needs of customers.
This type of micro switch is mostly used in larger household appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment and power tools. Because of its higher current and voltage load, it cannot be replaced by small micro switches. , it's one of the most demanded micro switches on the market.

How does a Micro Switch Work?


The operation of a micro-switch is characterized by the fact that a very small force and a very small actuator movement are typically involved. Most use a stiff metal actuator strip supported by a spring which flips when a certain force on the switch button is applied. When released it flips back with a high speed using hysteresis so the activation force is higher than the deactivation force. The quick movement of the metal strip produces the characteristic clicking sound lending tactile feedback to the mechanism.

Product Research and Development

IBAO has a team of highly-educated and high professional competence staff.We can complete the development process independently covering research on customer demand,product concept formation, product design, mold design and development,automation equipment design and development and so on .We can also help customer solve the technical issues in production process and quality issues.

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Total 35 injection machine(20T-150T)

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Total 105 high-speed precision stamping machine

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