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Application scenarios of micro switches in the automotive industry

When it comes to the application field of micro switches, we have to mention the automotive industry. The automotive industry is one of the big industries that continues to increase the consumption of micros witches, and as cars become more advanced and automated, the demand for micro switches on cars is becoming more and more common. Next, let’s take a look at what micro switches can be used in cars!
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1. Car door lock switch, car door lock micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door, which is used to sense or detect whether the door, child lock, and central control are locked. The micro switch of the car door lock is actually a detection switch. The door lock is actually a mechanical lock, and our micro switch is an electronic switch used to detect whether the door lock is locked.
2. Automobile transmission switch, the automobile transmission generally chooses a micro switch with a waterproof structure, which can change the transmission ratio, expand the variation range of the torque and speed of the driving wheel, adapt to the changing driving conditions, and at the same time make the engine in the favorable (high speed, low fuel consumption) ); in addition, it can make the car run backward without changing the rotation direction of the engine; the waterproof micro switch of the transmission uses neutral to cut off the power transmission, so that the engine can start and idle, which is convenient for transmission shifting and power output.
3. Sunroof safety monitoring switch, open or close the convertible roof, the micro switch can prompt whether the roof is closed or opened to the desired position.
4. Tailgate (trunk) switch, the micro switch is part of the switch mechanism of the rear door latch system.
5. The hood latch system, the micro switch is a latch system that helps the car hood to open and close.
6. The radiator, the micro switch helps the heating circuit on/off through the switch sensor that measures the temperature.
7. The central control system, in driving the car, the electric steering system uses the micro switch as part of its engineering, the car headlight control: the micro switch on the headlight control panel is used to control the intensity and the direction of the headlight.
Although these precise micro switches can not be exposed to the naked eye, they have become an indispensable part in the well-designed automotive mechanical structure, and the popularity of electric vehicles has increased the demand of micro switches in automotive engineering. demand, because of their existence, greatly improve the safety, prevention level and degree of automation of automobiles.

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Post time: Jul-22-2020