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Hot selling MAF-R Series waterproof micro switch 10A 250VAC 36VDC IP67 Automotive microswitch

Short Description:

Product Name:Micro Swich
Model NO.:MAF-R
Breaking Form:Single Type
Operating Temperature:-40℃~125℃
Application:Electrical Equipment,Car Parts and So on
Specification:10A 250VAC; 5A 250VAC; 10A 36VDC
Electrical life:≥50000 Cycles
Mechanical Life:≥300000 Cycles
Trademark:IBAO, CNIBAO
Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP67

Product Detail

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• Designed For Waterproof IP67
• Small Compact Size
• Switch Safety Approvals
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Offer Variety Levers
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal
• Various Dimensions Satisfy Different Installation Requirements


• Car
• Air-Conditioner
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Sharing Device
• Toys
• Charging Station

The MAF-R series is a miniature micro switch, IP67 waterproof, length is about 20mm, and the switch is installed through two positioning holes with a distance of 9.5mm. It's consistent with the appearance of our company's MAC-R series, but MAF-R owns more outstanding performance and more supporting accessories.

The MAF-R series is a product facing the mid-to-high-end market. The switch adopts a spring-type structure,it has a excellent mechanical life. And we provide a variety of specifications about contact materials which can effectively meet the customers' demand for temperature rise, resistors and loads in a variety of application scenario. Switch can work normally at the range of -40 ° C to 125 ° C, up to a maximum of DC 10A 36V, AC 10A 250V rated load. And our switch has passed CQC, CB, ENEC, ENEC, UL and other security certifications. In addition, the switch design has two handle installation positions, and there are more than ten types of handle, provides customers with more possibilities in cooperation with the structural part of the touch off switch. Yibao has a mature R&D Department, which can complete from drawing design to the all the processes of the finished product, if the existing switch's configuration can't meet your needs, we also accept OEM & ODM.As a manufacturer, in addition to directly selling switches, we also provide machining services such as welding wire cable, assembly switch parts. You can buy finished components directly without finding other factories for secondary processing of switches.

Yibao was established in 1998 and has rich long-term experience of cooperation with large foreign enterprises. We have micro switch, rocker switch, push button switch, slide switch, tact switch, DIP switch, car seat switch and more series of products.We are many world-renowned brands' suppliers and strategic partners, and we offer professional design,stable quality, reasonable price,fast delivery and sincere service to every customer.

Outline Drawing:

MAF-R series1

3D Display:

Rating 10(2)A 125/250VAC; 8(3)A 125/250VAC; 5(3)A 125/250VAC; 1/4HP 125VAC; 10A 36VDC
Contact Resistance 100mΩ MAX Without wire
Operating Temperature 40T125
Operating Force 150±50gf 250±80gf
Hole for Mounting    
service life Electrical ≥10,000 Cycles;  ≥50,000 Cycle
Mechanical ≥300,000 Cycles

How does a Micro Switch Work?

The operation of a micro-switch is characterized by the fact that a very small force and a very small actuator movement are typically involved. Most use a stiff metal actuator strip supported by a spring which flips when a certain force on the switch button is applied. When released it flips back with a high speed using hysteresis so the activation force is higher than the deactivation force. The quick movement of the metal strip produces the characteristic clicking sound lending tactile feedback to the mechanism.

Product Research and Development

IBAO has a team of highly-educated and high professional competence staff.We can complete the development process independently covering research on customer demand,product concept formation, product design, mold design and development,automation equipment design and development and so on .We can also help customer solve the technical issues in production process and quality issues.

Product Research (2)

Injection Workshop
Total 35 injection machine(20T-150T)

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Punching Workshop
Total 105 high-speed precision stamping machine

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