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IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch Car Lock Switch Safety detection switch

Short Description:

Product Name:Sealed Micro Swich
Model NO.:MAJ
Breaking Form:Single Type
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +85℃
Application:Electrical Equipment,Car Parts and So on
Certification:ISO9001,  RoHS,REACH
Specification:0.1A 125/250VAC 5E4; 5(2)A 125/250VAC 5E4
Electrical life:≥50000 Cycles
Mechanical Life:≥1000000 Cycles
Trademark:IBAO, CNIBAO
Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP67

Product Detail

Product Tags


• Designed For Waterproof IP67
• Small Compact Size
• Accord with RoHS and REACH
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal


• Car
• Air-Conditioner
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Sharing Device
• Toys
•  Charging Station

Zhejiang Yibao Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of various waterproof micro switches, sealed micro switches, car micro switches, micro switches, basic micro switches and rocker switches. Our factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 quality and environmental management system certification, and all products meet EU ROHS and Reach standards.

The MAJ series is an IP67 waterproof micro switch owned by our company. The switch length is 20mm. It belongs to a small micro switch. The switch is designed with parallel double installation holes. The installation hole is round, 2.3mm in diameter, and the center spacing of the installation hole is 9.5mm, which is consistent with the size of the regular small micro switch on the market.

The biggest highlight of the MAJ series is that it has a large travel different to other types of micro switch. It is the travel largest type of the same load and same size type waterproof micro switch. It fills the gap in the large travel field of this type of micro switch and can effectively meet the needs of some customers for the large travel of the micro switch.
The disadvantage of the MAJ series is that at present, the series can not provide other supporting levers. It can only be triggered by the button, and the switch currently only provides standard straight terminals, without other side-oriented terminals. Of course, we provide paid customization services. If you have this need, we can tailor it for you.

MAJ series micro switches can be used as signal switches or controllers in automobiles, telephones, air conditioners, calculators, humidifiers, alarms, calculators, mixers, fax machines, pencil sharpeners, food processors, toy cars, lighting equipment, electric frying pans, etc. If you have demand, you can contact us through website messages, telephones, mail, social software, etc. Yibao Technology is a micro switch manufacturer from China, We are the source factory, which can provide you with high-quality first-hand goods and give you the best price,looking forward to your greetings.

Outline Drawing:

MAJ series1

3D Display:

Rating 0.1A 125/250VAC 5E4; 5(2)A  125/250VAC 5E4
Contact Resistance 100mQ MAX Without wire
Operating Temperature 40T85
Operating Force 150gf Max; 250±50gf
Hole For Mounting
service life Electrical ≥50,000 Cycle
Mechanical ≥1000,000 Cycles

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