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IP67 waterproof MAD-R series Factory sales 3A current Subminiature Sealed micro switch with RoHS

Short Description:

Product Name:Sealed Micro Swich
Model NO.:MAD-R
Breaking Form:Single Type
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +85℃
Application:Electrical Equipment,Car Parts and So on
Certification:ISO9001,  RoHS,REACH
Specification:2A 125/250VAC ; 3A 30VDC
Electrical life:≥10000 Cycles
Mechanical Life:≥100000 Cycles
Trademark:IBAO, CNIBAO
Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP67

Product Detail

Product Tags


• Designed for Waterproof IP67
• Small Compact Size
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Offer Variety Levers
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal
• Various Dimensions Satisfy Different Installation Requirements


• Car
• Air-Conditioner
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Sharing Device
• Charging Station

MAD series micro switch, the size is 12.8*6mm, which is consistent with the universal size of the mouse micro switch. But MAD series is used as an appliance switch. Compared with the mouse micro switch of tens of millions of mechanical life span, the MAD series is not suitable for the mouse.The MAD series has 1 million mechanical life and 10,000 electrical life. Its applicable group is small electrical appliances and equipment with higher loads. If it is used only as a signal switch, it is recommended to choose other series of our company.

The MAD-R series micro switch is an upgraded model of the MAD series. The ordinary MAD series is the IP40 general protection, and the protection level of the MAD-R series has reached the waterproof IP67 level. In addition, the R-series is not the same as the installation hole size of the ordinary series. The MAD-R series has two different height shells according to the size of the installation hole. The height of the large hole shell with a distance of 4.8mm is 8.2mm, and the height of the small hole shell with a distance of 6.5mm is 6mm.

The MAD-R series is the smallest waterproof micro switch that can currently exceed the large current. The maximum AC load is 2A 250VAC and the maximum DC load is 3A 30VDC. It can be used for automotive electronics, communications equipment, military products, household appliances, medical equipment, electric tools and toys.

Outline Drawing:

MAD-R series1

3D Display:

Rating 2A 125/250VAC; 3A 30VDC
Contact Resistance 100mΩ MAX without wire
Operating Temperature 40T85
Operating Force 150gf Max; 200gf Max
Hole For Mounting Small Hole Base Type Big Hole Base Type
service life Electrical ≥10,000 Cycles
Mechanical ≥100,000 Cycles

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