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high quality Slide Switch-MAE WITH WIRE

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• Designed For Waterproof IP67
• Small Compact Size
• Switch Safety Approvals
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Offer Variety Levers
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal
• Various Dimensions Satisfy Different Installation Requirements


• Car
• Air-Conditioner
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Sharing Device
• Toys
• Charging Station

A slide switch is a switch that is used to laterally operate on and off, so it is defined as a slide switch. It is also one of the switches with the largest variety of switches.

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Rating 0.1A 250VAC; 0.1A 48VDC; 3A 12VDC
Contact Resistance 100mΩ MAX
Operating Temperature 40T85
Operating Force 130gf MAX
Travel OP=6.75 0.2mm FP-7.35mmMAX TTP N 5.75mm
service life Electrical ≥10,000 Cycles
Mechanical ≥1,000,000 Cycles

What is a slide switch?

The sliding switch is a switch with a contact on the handle of the button, and the position of the sliding point is used to make the moving contact piece contact with the two sets of static contact pieces to switch the circuit. Its static contact piece and movable contact piece are respectively located on the insulating seat and the button handle. Its application is affected by various factors such as airflow, pressure difference, voltage, fluid rebound, installation method, direction, etc. It is generally used in low-voltage circuits because of its small size, high slider sensitivity, accurate conversion point, stable and reliable. , is widely used in fax machines, multi-function telephones, radios, electric toys and other instruments and electronic products.

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