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Manufacturer IBAO Factory hot sales MAG Series IP67 mini waterproof microswitch 0.1A 12VDC signal switch

Short Description:

Product Name:Sealed Micro Swich
Model NO.:MAG
Breaking Form:Single Type
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +85℃
Application:Electrical Equipment,Car Parts and So on
Specification:0.1A  12VDC
Electrical life:≥300000 Cycles
Mechanical Life:≥300000 Cycles
Trademark:IBAO, CNIBAO
Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP67

Product Detail

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• Designed For Waterproof IP67
• Small Compact Size
• Switch Safety Approvals
• Long Life and High Reliability
• Offer Variety Levers
• Complete Variety of Wiring Terminal
• Various Dimensions Satisfy Different Installation Requirements


• Car
• Air-Conditioner
• Communication
• Home Appliance
• Motor Control
• Sharing Device
• Toys
• Charging Station

The MAG series is an ultra small micro switch, IP67 waterproof, rated load 0.1A 12VDC. Life span is 300,000 cycles and working temperature is minus 40°C~85°C. This series has two specifications of shells with the size of 8.3*5.3*7mm (2 pins type) and 13.3*5.3*7mm (3 pins type). And 2 pins type switch size is the smallest waterproof micro switch that can be found on the market. If you have strict requirements on the size of the structure, this ultra small signal switch will become the most suitable choice. In addition, the material of the MAG switch is fully in line with environmental protection requirements. We can provide RoHS and Reach environmental protection materials.and as a micro-current switch,The global market has no mandatory security certification requirements for this switch, so you can rest assured to import&export or self use in any country.

The MAG series can be widely used in the fields of sharing equipment, medical equipment, cars, electric vehicles, motorcycles, small appliances and other fields. Such as: shared bicycle locks, charging gun electron locks, car tail door locks and other mechanical lock structures,MAG series can be used as signal switches in the lock structures.The switch trigger travel is 0.6mm which can be triggered very quickly, very sensitive, at the same time, it will not be triggered by mistakes due to the too short stroke. In addition, the excellent waterproof performance of the switch can allow your electronic lock to work normally on the outdoor rainy days. The sealing waterproof structure of switch can help the internal metal do not exposed in the air, It greatly extends the service life of the switch,The 300,000 cycles working life span according to normal trigger frequency can be used at least 5 years. The MAG series is a mature waterproof micro switch product. It has many long-term purchased ending customer cases, such as Tesla tail door locks, Hello bike locks, Meituan electric motorcycle locks, the Segway-Ninebot electric motorcycle steering lamp control and lock, the lighting system of YADEA electric motorcycle, Xiaomi floor washing machine and so on.

Yibao is a professional switch manufacturer. We are committed to providing customers with better solutions and product services, and looking forward to cooperating with you !

Outline Drawing:

MAG series1
MAG series3

3D Display:


Rating 0.1A 12VDC
Contact Resistance 500mΩ MAX without wire
Operating Temperature 40T85
Operating Force 40±20gf;60±30gf;100±40gf
Hole for Mounting  
service life Electrical ≥300,000 Cycles
Mechanical ≥300,000 Cycles

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