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What is a waterproof micro switch? Principle and daily maintenance of waterproof micro switch

What is a waterproof micro switch

A waterproof micro switch, many people will not find it strange, but if you really want to tell me its details and answer exactly what a waterproof micro switch is, many people are still confused. Today tell you what is a waterproof micro switch.

What is a waterproof micro switch?

The waterproof and waterproof micro switch is a waterproof switch with a small contact spacing and a snap action mechanism, which can be switched with a specified stroke and a specified force, and has a casing and a driving rod outside. Contact: In the type of waterproof and waterproof micro switch, compared with the semiconductor switch with the characteristics of waterproof and waterproof micro switch, the switch function is realized by the mechanical switch of the contact point.

There are many kinds of waterproof micro switches, with hundreds of internal structures, which can be divided into ordinary, small and ultra-small according to the volume. According to the protection performance, there are three types of waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof; according to the disconnection form, it is divided into single connection type, double connection type and multi connection type. There is also a strong-off waterproof micro switch; according to the breaking capacity, it is divided into ordinary type, DC type, micro-current type and high-current type.

Waterproof micro switches are generally based on accessories and do not require auxiliary pressing, resulting in small stroke and large line programs. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added according to needs. The switch can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, long boom type and so on.

The principle of waterproof micro switch

External mechanical force acts on the action reed through transmission elements (push pin, button, lever, roller, etc.). When the action reed moves to the critical point, an instantaneous action is generated, which makes the movable contact at the end of the action reed connect or disconnect quickly with the fixed contact.

When the force acting on the transmission element is eliminated, the acting reed generates a reverse force, and when the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the reed, the reverse action is completed instantly. The waterproof micro switch has small contact distance, short action stroke, small pressing force and fast switching speed. The moving speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the moving speed of the transmission element.

Daily maintenance method of waterproof and waterproof micro switch of gas water heater

1. You need to use the gas water heater to clean and protect the product operation manual, and use the water heater according to the instructions on the manual and the nameplate, as well as simple preliminary maintenance, cleaning and protection of the water heater, etc.

2. Such as gas water heater leakage, water leakage, flame not extinguished after water cut off, poor incineration conditions, etc. It should be used continuously in some cases to notify the gas treatment or repair manufacturer and to prevent private opening and repairs.

3. Do not use expired cleaning and protective agents for water heaters. According to the national standard GB17905-1999 "Safety Handling Regulations for Household Gas Incineration Appliances", the cleaning protection effectiveness of liquefied gas and water heaters is judged to be 15 years from the date of sale, and the cleaning protection validity period of artificial gas water heaters is 10 years.

4. Make sure the room is well ventilated.

5. Please handle gasoline on time. Some designated professionals or manufacturers should clean and protect gas water heaters and perform maintenance in a timely manner. Only by insisting on cleaning and protecting the gas water heater can it play a prominent role.

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